Agro residue is a big problem in UP, Haryana and Punjab where farmers burn it to clear the fields every year causing pollution in the NCR and North India


In our throw-away culture, there is a high need to create materials that can be recycled; biodegradable packaging is one of the new trends for green living. As we focus on making sure more and more of what we toss out from our homes and places of business is biodegradable, we are closer to the goal of making Earth an eco-friendly place with less waste.

Our households are filled with Plastic ware. No matter how much we try to avoid, it enters our home in the form of mineral water bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo, conditioner, cream, shower gel, toilet cleaner, the list goes on and on. These bottle we use one time and then trash into dustbins. 

We at Biomize are working on the technology which will not only solve the problem of Agro-Residue in our country but also diminish the use and throw of one time plastic ware. 

Our materials consist of resources that can be harvested directly from nature i.e Agro residue, pine needle and the likes. Therefore, they can completely decompose, with the aid of micro organisms, when placed in a composting area.

This will have multifold benifits to our Indian economy as well as to our mother earth. It will provide


Additional income to farmers, they will not burn but sell the agro waste and other biomass.

Farm sector employment as collection of biomass and conversion into pulp can be done at farm itself.

Process is non polluting as no boiler is required and Co2 neutral as biomass is not pyrolyzed.

Our design does not allow any discharge of water and therefore require less water and most water is recovered during the process or converted into steam.

Best  example for circular economy based on renewable biomass and waste to wealth creation.


We at BIOMIZE believe in the act of living with intend. We are commited to develop Eco-friendly products which promotes green living that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. Our products are a boon for the environment and also prevent human health from deterioration.

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