Plastic Ware Suck!

Plastic straws and disposables are used once and then tossed in garbage. Sadly, single-use plastic ware end up in our landfills and oceans, where they harm marine life and release toxic pollutants. we're now even able to trace micoplastics in our food sources.

We became inspired by anti-plastic movement after reading dozens of articles about plastic polluting the oceans, not to mention the shocking video of a straw being polled out of a sea turtle's nose. We started taking a stance against single-use plastics. We avoided plastic bags, wrapped fruits and vegetables, eating in plastic and thermocol disposables and started requesting "no straws" at restaurants, cafes and bars. But we soon realized, only avoiding the use of plastic was just not enough. We had to do more. 

  •  Agro residue is a big problem in INDIA. In UP, Haryana and Punjab farmers burn it to clear the fields every year causing pollution in the NCR and North India.

  • Forest Biomass is a major cause of forest fires in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh.

  • Paper as a substitute for disposables industry is not good option as itself need tree sourced inputs to make.

  • 25 states in India has banned single use plastic, but with lack of alternatives and low consumer awareness, illegal trade of plastic disposables is still continuing that can stop with commercially viable alternative. 

We went in search of an alternative, a replacement for single-use plastic that's 100% biodegradable and not made of bioplastics. 

BIOMIZE is now working on materials that are

  • Derived from bio mass viz agro residue, forest residue that are compostable and can be use as alternative to plastic.

  • Enabling micro agro waste pulping units in districts where - wheat / rice/ cotton  waste can be converted into Pulp.

  • Pollution free pulp making a zero discharge process.

  • Develop products using agro waste pulp into high value items.

  • Large social impact through micro entrepreneurship and supplemental farm income from agro/ forest waste recycling.

Our Straws and Disposables can be tossed right in the compost bin after use. Unlike plastic ware, our products break down naturally, returning to the circle of life. 





HEC Paris 2009 MBA

15 years of International experience in Marketing, Business Operations and Management. Passionate about using Technology to convert waste into valuable resources.


We at BIOMIZE believe in the act of living with intend. We are commited to develop Eco-friendly products which promotes green living that helps to conserve energy and also prevent air, water and noise pollution. Our products are a boon for the environment and also prevent human health from deterioration.

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